Friday, 21 November 2014

Dominos Pizza hacked, details of 650k customers leak

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Hackers United Nations agency claimed to own compromised the info server of Domino's dish have demanded a ransom of €30,000 to forestall the general public revelation of customer's information. 

The hacker cluster going by the name of Rex Mundi aforesaid they hacked into the servers of Domino's dish France and Belgique. 

The hackers have managed to transfer quite 592,000 client records from Dominos France and fifty eight,000 records from Belgian web site. They claim the compromised info contained sensitive data like customer's full names, addresses, phone numbers, delivery directions, email IDs and passwords. The cluster gave a point in time of 8PM CET for Dominos to pay regarding all of them. "If there actually are undertaking not perform hence., we're going to post all of the info in our possession on the net." The cluster aforesaid. Domino's France announce a series of tweets within which it acknowledged the hack and suggested users to alter their passwords.


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