Saturday, 29 November 2014

FREE PayPal Scam Auto Convert TXT to IMAGE, Get All Information

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HI Today I will show paypal scam page

Scam Paypal AUTO Convert TXT to IMAGE, Get Bank INFORMATION for Transfer Bank International + Get Login & Password For Shopping Ebay & Carding etc + Get Full Credit Card INFORMATION for Cashout, Any EUROPE by 3D Secure & Sort Code for United-Kingdom & Social Security Number for USA & Driver License for Australie forgot password Credit Card

Get Bank INFO For Bank Transfer Money
Convert txt to image
All Page HTML is IMAGE For Google Chrome Security

- (Clean,Fullinfo,Undetected)
- Added Self Encrypter to automatically encrypt the source code
- Deny Spam, spiders bots, Google bots (Reports).
- Undetectable.
- New Url
- Self-Hosted Files, Images.etc.
- True Login Info.
- Meta to block search engines.
- robots.txt to block search engines.
- Logs..


Downloading Link 1 : Paypal 1

Downloading Link 2: Paypal 2

this scam send rezult to email
& save rezult to Rezult/Vectim.txt
& change your email in Email.php
File Visit.txt to show the visitor
No need Folder Random /
This Scam is Random Link AUTOMATIC
Upload & Unzip .zip to your shell or Cpanel

This Tutorial is for Educational Purpose :) Have a nice day .If u like my post don't forget to share on Facebook 


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