Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hacker surrenders, once Roger Ver puts $20,000 abundance on the Hacker

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Be Careful World Health Organization you're disconcerting, Associate in Nursing offender acknowledged he picked a wrong put-upon person once the exploited person selected to use $20,000 to get him. 

Roger Ver, the person referred to as "Bitcoin Israelite, World Health Organization is that the Angel speculator in loads of Bitcoin new businesses, reportable a thirty seven.6btc reward(about $20k) for knowledge that prompts the capture of the Hacker World Health Organization captured his Hotmail record and debilitated to demolish his life. 

Everything began once the Hacker found out a way to highjack Associate in Nursing previous Hotmail record of Roger by noting the safety queries. 

As per reddit, the aggressor utilised the hotmail record to urge access to Roger's previous facebook record and one among his space accounts at The aggressor likewise endeavors to hack his essential email record and area name. 

The offender utilizing the screen name "savaged" reached Roger by means that of Skype and requested "37.63289114 BTC" 

"I suppose we have a tendency to each apprehend this may not be pleasent and let's be realistic there's nothing you'll do to own Pine Tree State got, i have been around overly long" The offender same. 

"Let's be realistic i'll supply [ssn Redacted] + your knowledge to fraudsters which will credit f*** you then get your mothers social and credit f*** her moreover and ruin each your lives" 

The Hacker to boot declared he's the one who hacked @uberfacts twitter account that has half dozen.7 M supporters. 

A Bounty on the Hacker: 

In any case, Roger selected to require once a method utilised as a district of the film referred to as 'Payoff': instead of giving the money to lawbreakers, he denote he was golf shot Associate in Nursing abundance on the Hacker. 

At the purpose once the aggressor educated of the abundance on his head, he got frightened and erased Roger's hotmail and gave the key key for all completely different records and fled. 

"I recently got to raise stores for my mother, nonetheless since you are not about to facilitate, all of your passwords are: Nigger55" The individual on the tip of skype same. 

"Farewell, Sir, i'm genuinely unhappy i'm merely a go between i used to be systematically suggested what to allow you to apprehend." 

Roger same in his tweets the items area unit over to regulate and not a solitary Bitcoin was taken.

Hacking News

Hacker surrenders, once Roger Ver puts $20,000 abundance on the Hacker 

A Bounty on the Hacker


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