Wednesday, 19 November 2014 reportedly hacked to serve malware

Leave a Comment, the official web site of the favored javascript library JQuery(used by nearly seventieth of high ten,000 websites), had reportedly been compromised and had served papers stealing malware.

RiskIQ declared that they'd detected a malicious script in that redirects guests to a web site hosting the RIG Exploit kit.

The redirector domain(jquery-cdn[dot]com) utilized in this attack has been registered on Sep eighteen, an equivalent day on that the attack was detected by RiskIQ.  RiskIQ believes that this domain was meant specifically to mix into the web site.

The good news is that RiskIQ found no indication suggesting that the JQuery library itself has been affected.  Otherwise, several further websites exploitation the JQuery CDN to load the JQuery library would even have been affected. 

The folks at says they found no logs or proof that their server was compromised.

"So so much the investigation has been unable to breed or ensure that our servers were compromised. we've got not been notified by the other security firm or users regarding jquery. com confirming any kind of skimp on. " JQuery. com world-wide-web indication write-up expresses.


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