Friday, 28 November 2014

Bitly web site hacked, accounts credentials compromised

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Bitly(, the popular address shortening service, has issued AN imperative security warning a couple of security breach that exposed account's credentials. 
The company says they found no proof suggesting that any accounts are accessed by the intruders.  However, as a precaution, the corporate has disconnected users' facebook and twitter accounts. 

"We invalid all credentials at intervals Facebook and Twitter" the diary post reads.

 though the social media accounts seem to be connected with bitly account,  users will not be able to publish something till they reconnect the accounts.  Users ar suggested to require the subsequent steps to reset their OAuth tokens and API Keys: 

1) Log in to your account and click on on ‘Your Settings,’ then the ‘Advanced’ tab. 

2) At all-time low of the ‘Advanced’ tab, choose ‘Reset’ next to ‘Legacy API key.’ 

3) Copy down your new API key and alter it all told applications. These will embrace social publishers, share buttons on there mobiles and mobile apps. 

4) head to the ‘Profile’ tab and reset your arcanum. 

5) Disconnect and reconnect any applications that use Bitly. you'll check that accounts ar connected beneath the ‘Connected Accounts’ tab in ‘Your Settings.’ 

Bitly says "they have previously used proactive measures to secure all ways that LED to the compromise".


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