Friday, 28 November 2014

Fake Kaspersky Antivirus app found upon The Google Play,Microsoft Windows Cellular phone Store.

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While Google Play Store is ready to forestall malicious applications from being uploaded to the market,  Google still fails to forestall cyber criminals from uploading faux apps. 

Last Month, golem Police discovered a faux Antivirus app on Google Play going by the name of 'Virus Shield' that fooled thousands of users into shopping for this app. 

The story of faux Antivirus apps does not stop there.  Today, consultants at Kaspersky have discovered an extra faux Antivirus app going by the name of 'Kaspersky Anti-virus 2014' on Google Play. 

The faux version of Kaspersky was being oversubscribed for $4 that will nothing apart from displaying the Kaspersky brand.

 Researchers additionally discovered that few faux apps were being oversubscribed at Windows Phone Store. a number of them area unit 'Mozilla Mobile', 'Kaspersky Mobile', 'Avira Antivir' and therefore the 'Virus Shield' apps.

The faux version of Kaspersky antivirus app for Windows phone pretends to be scanning your device however will nothing. 

Few weeks back, after I was checking out TrueCaller app for my Windows phone, i additionally found a faux paid Version of TrueCaller and alternative apps. when i reported  to Microsoft, they removed those apps from the shop. 

Just now, I additionally found a faux version of COMODO Antivirus for the windows phone that is being oversubscribed for $1.49.  This faux app was uploaded by cheedella suresh( The name seems to be South Indian name). 

As you'll be able to see, the developer has additionally uploaded few alternative faux apps in Windows phone store.  These apps are uploaded within the recent months(April- May).


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